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On the 21st of September 1890, 23 innocent people were massacred in Margao

131 years ago, a tragedy took place in Margao. It was the day of municipal elections at Camara Municipal de Salcete in Margao. Voting turned into protests amidst allegations of rigging and people denied the right to vote. The Portuguese administrator ordered his forces to fire into the unsuspecting crowd of over 4,000 people gathered around the Holy Spirit Church in Margao. As the soldiers fired indiscriminately, seventeen people died on the spot, including a woman leaving the church and a young boy clinging to the garden wall of his house. The 20 minutes of shooting eventually left 23 dead in the infamous incident on Sept. 21, 1890.

This is the story of the Massacre in Margao, one of the most shocking events of Goan colonial history.

The house of Dr. Salvador Alvares, to which many of the protesters fled on that fateful day, still bears the bullet holes caused by the fusillade of the Portuguese soldiery. The house owners have framed the marks with circular brass plaques to immortalize the event.

Margao massacre is remembered in a mando “Setembrache Ekvisaveri” by Carlos Trinidade Dias and the Cidas Alms chapel next to the old Camara building was built in memory of the people killed in the massacre.

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Or you can buy the graphic book “Massacre in Margao: A graphic history of the Revolt of September 1890 in Margao” available at The Dogears Bookshop, Margao